Many hobbyists find that their local hobby shop has limits or the distance to a fully stocked RC hobby shop is too far for their liking.

Online vendors are often have a much larger stocks and offer excellent prices. With the deferral of sales taxes on internet purchases, even with the shipping, good deals are abundant. Here are some of our experiences with some online providers.

Here are a couple of my favorite sources. Links to the web sites are included in the reviews.

BP Hobbies, formerly Balsa Products, has a comprehensive product selection via its web site. The site is easy to navigate and most items have a decent description.

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General Hobby is a Pomona CA, company that has been around a while. They have a wide variety of models from a number of vendors including Dynam and LX. The sheer number of models is impressive. Models near the bottom of each category list are often out of stock but their in stock selection is always high.

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Hobby King, formerly Hobby City, formerly United Hobbies, is a Hong Kong-based hobby site with a wide selection of modeling products, as you probably would guess, made in China.

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Motion RC is located in Cary, IL and has developed a pretty good reputation. They carry a wide variety of RC brands but are primarily focussed on foam models with a heavy emphasis on EDF jets.

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