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The FMS 2000 MM Beaver is one of several models on the market that bumps the size factor of EPO foam models into the giant scale catergory. With a 78 inch wingspan and a 52 inch length, this Beaver certainly truns heads at the flying field.


The plane is powered by a 4258 550kv motor controlled by a 70 amp speed controller. I fly it on the recommended 4000 mAh 6-cell lipo which gives it plenty of pop. This six channel model includes flaps and an optional tow release. Floats, too, are optional. The LED lights are bright and help make it easy to see against a dark background.

The plane went together pretty easily with most parts bolting on. The antenna, strakes and pitot tube were about the only thing needing glue. I've included my video build log below if you're interested in the details.

In the air, the Beaver is solid. It's big and heavy enough to deal with choppy air without a problem. It goes where you point it and elevator is necessary to pull it around a turn. I generally land with half flaps. On cross wind days, I set up a good ground track and let it touch down in a crab. More adventurous pilots can set up some challenging STOL takeoffs and landings. The high lift wings and flaps will produce shot takeoffs and very slow approaches with steep finals.

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Video Build Log


 At the Field Flying Video


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