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The FMS 2000 MM Beaver is one of several models on the market that bumps the size factor of EPO foam models into the giant scale catergory. With a 78 inch wingspan and a 52 inch length, this Beaver certainly truns heads at the flying field.

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I've always liked the boxy lines of the PC-6 Porter. The Art Tech version of this Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) airplane looked like a winner and the price was right. This version was modeled after one called 'The Never Ending Story.' Unfortunately when proof read, the space was misplaced and it turned out 'the nevere nding story.' Oh well.

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On a recent European trip we were coming down the mountain into Innsbruck Austria. I noticed a couple of neat airplanes flying at the Innsbruck airport. They were motorgliders manuevering to land in a very idealic setting. After a little research I discovered that the planes were Super Dimonas.  I found a couple of vendors handling the model and placed an order.

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