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    Welcome to RC Ground School

    Welcome to RC Ground School or RCGS. RCGS is your path to knowing about some of the key concepts and facts in and about RC model aviation.

    Our goal at RCGS is to help you explore some of the ins and outs of RC model aviation before placing that online order or dropping a pile of bills at your local hobby shop.

    RCGS is a service of RC Planeviews.com.

    Please feel free to send comments to: jim@rcplaneviews.com.

    We've got a handful of courses completed. More are coming.

    You can review the Overview course listed below by logging in as a guest. Other courses require you to register. The rationale is explained in the Overview course. Simply click on the course title and then click on the Log in as Guest button on the registration page.

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RC Ground School is your resource to get you off on the right foot in the exciting hobby of radio control model aviation. Our courses offer you the insight you'll need as a beginner in the hobby and discussion starters if you have engaged the help of an RC instructor pilot.  Enjoy.

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